The Giants in My Midst" contains 40 emotive tributes to living people who inspired the author, Masood A. Haqq, to become more than another inner-city statistic.

Each of the stories he shares hold principles that are universal to anyone seeking success, especially those that helped him overcome his biggest vice – procrastination.

Each dedication is full of compelling stories, vivid descriptions, potent quotes, powerful lessons, and Masood’s signature one-liners. These individuals are alchemists in their own right, slowly but surely transforming not only Masood’s world but the world for the better. Each feature leads the reader to a more macro truth… we are all history in the making. We are all Giants. We are writing our collective story with each individual deed and are all charged with the responsibility of greatness and glory.

“The Giants in My Midst” is a beautiful reminder that although it’s imperative to honor and remember our leaders from the past, there are giants among us in the here and now that deserve our full attention and support.

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